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Box Setup Instructions

  1. Go to
  2. Click the login button


  3. Login with your CIS uID and password
  4. After logging for the first time you may need to click through a tutorial
  5. When you make it to your box home page click on your name in the upper right hand corner


  6. In the drop down menu under your name click “Get Box Sync”


  7. Click Box Sync for Windows or Mac, download the installer and run the file to install Box Sync


  8. After Box Sync has installed find the program and run it. (If it doesn’t run after clicking it restart your computer and try again)
  9. In the Box Sync window choose “Use Single Sign-on”


  10. For your email address enter your (do not use your email address)


  11. You should now see a CIS login page. Enter your uid and password and login


  12. The Box Sync app will login and you will choose Start syncing.
  13. A Box Folder will be created on your computer. Everything in the folder will sync to Box.
  14. If you want a shared folder to sync to your computer go to
    1. Login again if you aren’t already
    2. Find the folder you want to sync to your desktop
    3. Click the more options drop down menu and choose “Sync Folder to Computer”


For extra help setting up Box sync and sharing files call 801-581-4000 Option 1 if you are a student. If you are a Health Science Employee/Faculty/Staff call 801-587-6000.