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== Sign into Cisco Meeting ==
Sign in to your Cisco Meeting account; Tick the ‘Sign me in when Cisco Meeting starts’ box to automatically sign you into your Cisco Meeting account when you start Cisco Meeting in the future.<br>
  Note: Most illustrations in this guide are from the PC app, but the principles are the same for other apps.

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Install Cisco Meeting for Windows

Download Cisco Meeting: https://goo.gl/ijbS4s

Click Save File

Open the Downloads folder or Folder You saved the file to and Double Click the Installer

Click Install

File will begin installing

Once installed Cisco Meeting will launch. You can then close the client.

Install Cisco Meeting for Mac

Download the Client: https://goo.gl/t8zAZb

Click OK

Drag the Cisco Meeting Icon to the Applications folder inside the window

Cisco Meeting is now installed on your Mac inside the applications.