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Here is the help sheet for the classrooms and other classroom related information.

Help Desk – CON IT

To Start -------------- Touch screen to activate the control panel; touch again to display login screen; enter access code provided (1234); press Enter

HELP Button -------- For help with room equipment press the Help button after logging into the Touch Screen panel.

Select Source ------- PC (Computer inside the podium)

  • Mac (Does not exist in the podium)
  • Computer 1 / Computer 2 (Podium inputs for laptops)
  • HDMI
  • Video
  • Document Camera – overhead and slide mode available; device projects opaque objects, pages from a book, transparencies, slides

Lighting --------------- Experiment with Full, Meeting, Conference, Projection and Dim to select the lighting choice that works for you

  • Lights can also be controlled from the switch panels on the wall, or by using the up/down arrows on the control panel

Advanced ------------- Lowers screen and turns on projector(s); includes Projector Screen, Current Status, Display Modify and Blinds

Help Desk? Provides contextual help – press again to turn off

  • Contacts a person who will respond immediately

Mic Volume ----------- Controls volume for the mic; Mute is a toggle

Make A Point! -------- This feature shutters the projector; operates as a toggle

System Off ------------ Use to end session; turns the projector off, retracts the screen & turns lights on. Projector takes 3-5 minutes to cool before it can be turned on again *PLEASE SELECT WHEN YOU ARE FINISHED WITH THE ROOM* You can play a DVD in the in the podium PC. Select the source on the control panel, and control volume with the Media Source controls.