Distance Education Class Videoconferencing Guidelines for Faculty (Archive)

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Getting Setup for Teaching Distance Education

  • Distance Education classrooms in CON are supported by CON-IT technicians during regular business hours
    • If the equipment in the room is not turned on or functioning, please first contact CON-IT by pressing the “HELP” button on the Crestron Touch Panel or email c
  • Distance Ed connections are Bridged through UEN
    • Class start and end times as well as dates are provided through Academic Programs
      • CON-IT builds the Bridge schedule for distance classes based off of the information given by Academic Programs (start and end time)
      • CON-IT will email out Bridge (Cisco Meeting) dial in information and recording links one week prior to the start of the semester
    • UEN will automatically connect the classroom to the bridge 30 minutes prior to class start time
      • Please ask students to begin connecting 30 minutes prior to class. This will allow time to troubleshoot connectivity issues that may arise
      • Individual class management regarding late connections is up to the faculty member
      • Please try to notify CON-IT (con-it@lists.utah.edu) at least 24-hours in advance if class is cancelled.
      • Bridged classes will run the duration of the officially scheduled class times.
    • UEN and CON-IT passively monitor the live connections throughout the class, but do not listen in to the class
      • If student connections are lost, students should first restart their machines and attempt to reconnect. If this does not work, they should contact UEN for support: 800-863-3496; opt 1, then opt 1 again
      • Instructors having video connection issues during class should also contact UEN at 800-863-3496; opt 1, then opt 1 again
  • Faculty that need an Cisco Meeting account and/or training should contact CON-IT (con-it@lists.utah.edu) at least two weeks before class
  • Requests for specific technologies, services or configurations must be made to UEN and CON IT at least one week prior to the day of class to make sure the necessary equipment and services are available and functional.
    • Technology requests include the needs for the presentation of a DVD, CD, external video, separate web link, etc. Please Note that video quality for distance students can be poor. If using the Cisco Meeting software the audio from a video is no transmitted.
    • If faculty would like to test the equipment or multimedia prior to class start time, they will schedule with CON IT (con-it@lists.utah.edu) at least one week prior to the start of class

Getting Connected in an Office Using Cisco Meeting

  • Cisco Meeting requires the user to have and account created by UEN and the client software installed on a computer
  • If a faculty member will be teaching with Cisco Meeting from a different location, they must re-test and meet certain criteria
    • From the new location call UEN to do a simple connection test
    • Use a hard wire (Ethernet cable) when using Cisco Meeting, wireless connections can drop during a class
    • Be sure to connect using a reliable internet connection
  • Dialing into your Class
    • You will need to know the Class space name and/or the connection address to dial into your class
    • The bridged class audio is available 30 minutes prior to start time

For Student Guideline information: Distance Education Videoconferencing Guidelines for Students Technology Setup

Guest Speakers

  • Faculty wishing to have a guest speaker join a class should notify CON-IT and UEN preferably two weeks prior to the date
    • Guests will need to meet the same technical requirements for Cisco Meeting as Faculty and Students
    • Guests will be emailed by CON IT with infomation on how to connect to the class space
    • Guests will need to contact CON IT to test at least one business day before the date of class

For Hardware and Software Requirements: Distance Education Hardware and Software Requirements


  • Training is available for the Distance Ed classrooms, Cisco Meeting (such as displaying content, sharing an application from the desktop, accessing and showing a website, etc.), as well as the use of the equipment in the classrooms. Please contact CON-IT (con-it@lists.utah.edu) least two weeks in advanced
    • If faculty desire ‘practice time' with the equipment and technology, please schedule with CON-IT (con-it@lists.utah.edu) at least two weeks prior in advanced. Due to the large and increasing number of classes taught using this technology, classroom and technician practice time availability are constricted on certain high-demand weekdays.


  • All synchronous classes taught through Cisco Meeting over the UEN Bridge are recorded.
    • CON IT will provide faculty with the link to the recordings to distribute as they see fit (Best practice is to add the link to the classes Canvas page)

Technical Support

  • Each semester, testing with students needs to commence at least one month prior to the first day of classes. (For example, courses beginning in August need to begin testing with students no later than September.)
    • Program Advisors request new Cisco Meeting accounts for incoming cohorts.
    • UEN notifies and tests with each student to make sure they are ready for the semester.
    • Faculty and students should adhere to the distance learning hardware requirements and this should be posted as part of course materials.
    • The technology requirements are reviewed each semester by the CON IT and program directors to ensure functionality.
  • The UEN support technician will passively monitor classes.
    • Should someone lose connectivity or experience technical issues during class, that person should try to reconnect and call UEN for further assistance
  • Generally, if a student loses connection, they can attempt to reconnect through Cisco Meeting.
    • If they are unsuccessful, the student should notify UEN.
    • The student and/or faculty may also call the technician directly if needed using the contact information posted in the classroom or distributed to the student at the beginning of the semester (i.e., UEN 800-863-3496; opt 1, then opt 1 again).

For more information visit Distance Ed Troubleshooting

Documenting and Tracking Ongoing Issues

  • It is the responsibility of the student to resolve all technical issues
    • Students should first call UEN for testing outside of class time
    • UEN will refer the student to CON-IT for advanced support
    • CON-IT will report any unresolved student issues to the faculty member and program director

Point to Point Connections

  • Connections between two locations only do not require the bridge service and can be established in point-to-point mode
    • This is accomplished by one site simply ‘calling' the address of the other site through Cisco Meeting
    • Point-to-point connections are not monitored by the support technician
    • Room scheduling for point-to-point connections still needs to be done through Astra
    • Support for point-to-point connections is available as needed. Contact CON-IT (con-it@lists.utah.edu) one week prior to event