Distance Education Videoconference Troubleshooting

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  • If issues arise during a videoconferencing course, such as loss of connection, lost or poor video, lost or poor audio, etc., please contact UEN support at 800-863-3496; opt 1, then opt 1 again.
  • If connection cannot be re-established a phone number will be provided to dial into the bridge for audio interaction. Your own video feed will not be sent through this medium and is available as a work around.
  • If the connections for the other students in the classroom are working fine, but yours is not, the problem will most likely not be with the bridge service, but will likely be with your local Internet, high speed modem or computer.
  • The College of Nursing and UEN support teams will work on problems relating to the bridge service and the class delivery system
    • Issues relating to the student's individual PC or Internet connection are the responsibility of the student
    • The UEN support team will help the student perform basic troubleshooting, and when necessary, escalate issues to the CON support team. However, if issues are unable to be resolved, or if the student is unable to tackle the issues on their own, it is student's responsibility to seek additional technical assistance for their home machine
    • Often, students will be asked to re-install audio or video drivers, as well as update software on their machines
    • When Internet connection issues occur, it is the student's responsibility to work with their ISP, or the manufacturers of their Internet modems for troubleshooting and repair.
  • If new hardware or significant software is purchased and installed by the student, the student must contact UEN support (800-863-3496; opt 1, then opt 1 again) to re-test and re-certify their machine and connection
    • If you upgrade your operating system mid-semester you need to retest Cisco Meeting with UEN
    • If you change Internet Service Providers you need to retest Cisco Meeting with UEN
    • If you change your web cam or microphone you need to retest Cisco Meeting with UEN

Common Issues

  • If Cisco Meeting is not showing your webcam video you may have a conflict with another program. (Skype, Hangouts, etc…) Restart your computer and launch Cisco Meeting again.
  • If your audio is echoing, be sure you do not have your speakers close to your microphone, or use headphones
  • If your audio sounds like a squirrel please disconnect and reconnect to the class, also verify that all other internet using gadgets in the house are turned off (conserve bandwidth) and finally close any unnecessary applications and browsers on your computer
  • If your video upload is coming across as choppy, slow, or pixilated, it may be an Internet or local computer speed issue. Run a speed test at http://speedtest.uen.net/. Minimum Internet speeds are 1.5MB download and 768K upload. If your numbers are lower, but close to these minimums, you most likely have the right connection speed, but the performance on the line is experiencing slowdowns. Please work with your ISP to resolve. If the Internet speeds are fine, please check your computer for other programs that may be using bandwidth such as spyware or viruses.
  • Other Internet connected devices in your home can significantly decrease your network speed. (i.e. Gaming Consoles, iPads, laptops, Netflix…etc)