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Your technology setup and Cisco Meeting test should be completed before the first week of the semester. (Before orientation week) Please follow these instructions to complete the setup. UEN will not test equipment or software the first week of the semester.

  1. After enrolling in a College of Nursing Distance Education (PhD or DNP) Program verify you meet the hardware and software requirements outlined in the Distance Education Hardware and Software Requirements document.
  2. You will receive an email from the Utah Education Network (UEN) with instructions on downloading and installing Cisco Meeting. Follow those instructions to install the software.
  3. After installing Cisco Meeting please call UEN (UEN TSSC: 800-863-3496; opt 1, then opt 1 again.) and schedule a short audio and video test of your equipment. (Must be completed prior to the first week of the semester)
    1. If you fail the Cisco Meeting test with UEN they will refer you to College of Nursing IT for advanced troubleshooting.
  4. After completing a successful test of Cisco Meeting you are now ready for Distance Education classes with the College of Nursing.
  5. Changing computers or the location you plan to connect to class with Cisco Meeting must be cleared with your instructor and UEN prior to class

Getting Connected to your Class

UEN Bridged Distance Ed classes are available to connect to 30 minutes prior to the beginning of the lecture. During the 30 minutes prior to the class starting, students should connect to do a sound and video check. This will allow time to troubleshoot connectivity issues that may arise. The link to the class should be posted in your Canvas Course Page and will not change during the semester.

  1. Open Cisco Meeting by going to:
    1. Windows: All Programs>Cisco Meeting>Cisco Meeting (Note: if Cisco Meeting is already running you can find it in the systray next to the clock on your start bar)
    2. Mac OSX: Applications>Cisco Meeting
  2. After Cisco Meeting launches make sure you use your username and password provided to you by UEN.


  3. Click the link in canvas:


  4. After Connecting you will usually see others from your class. If you are the first to connect you will see a black screen or empty room. Please connect during the 30 minute time frame before class begins.


  5. Now that you are connected you can adjust your settings and check your self-view using the Cisco Meeting menus:


  1. Self View
  2. Toggle On/Off your self-view:
  3. Toggle On/Off your camera:
  4. Toggle Mute/Unmute your Microphone:
  5. Enter Full screen Mode:
  6. Share Screen Content:
  7. Participants:
  8. Chat:
  9. Audio & Video(Not Used):
  10. Settings:
  11. Layout:
  12. Leave Room:

Staying Connected

  • Due primarily to high bandwidth requirements, videoconferencing connections work best through a physical Internet connection (Ethernet Cable). Wireless connections are less stable; perform slower, and are not allowed.
  • When you are in class other people using your home network e.g. Netflix, Xbox, and other online use can cause connectivity issues for you and your class video connection


  • Every Distance Education class lecture is recorded by UEN and takes about 48 hours to post
    • Instructors will usually post the link for the class recording in your corresponding Canvas Course

Technical Support

It is your responsibility to maintain your at home computer equipment. It is also your responsibility to contact technical support for Cisco Meeting connection issues. If you have major technical problems you may be required to hire your own technical support to troubleshoot at home computer equipment and connections.

  • Generally, if you lose connection to a Cisco Meeting class, you can attempt to dial back in or reboot the computer
  • Should you lose connectivity or experience technical issues during class, call UEN (UEN TSSC: 800-863-3496; opt 1, then opt 1 again.) immediately to resolve the issue
  • If you are unable to rejoin the class via Cisco Meeting, UEN will have you dial in with a telephone to the class via audio only connection
  • If a you need advanced troubleshooting/training with equipment or the Cisco Meeting software, UEN or the instructor will refer the you to the College of Nursing IT Office

For more Troubleshooting tips refer to Distance Ed Troubleshooting document.