How to Submit a Trouble Ticket

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Call the Help Desk 801-587-6000 Be sure to have them forward ticket to the College of Nursing IT Department

Option 2:
1. Go to [1]
New Trouble1.png

2. Fill out all the information.

  1. Your Name Should Appear Here
  2. Enter Your Phone Number
  3. If problem is with Epic click this check box
  4. Enter College of Nursing Here
  5. Enter Your Office Number Here
  6. Enter the Barcode of the Computer Here
  7. DO NOT Change anything in this box changing the priority level will not make a difference in how fast your ticket is processed.
  8. Enter a Short Description Here
  9. Enter Details of the Issue. Remember to be as detailed as possible and include "Forward to CON IT" so it will be routed to us.
  10. Hit "Submit"

That is it!