How to use Cisco Meeting in Chrome

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Join a Meeting Using Chrome

Click the link to Join the class

Firefox1 0.png

Type in your name and click Join call


You are now joined to the meeting

In the meeting

You can remain in a meeting in a space for as long as you wish.

1. Self-view window. Use it to check on the video that your camera is transmitting.
2. Closes the self-view window.
3. Turns video on and off. If the button is blue, then your app is not transmitting video.
4. Mutes and unmutes your microphone. If the button is blue, then you are muted.
5. Enables or disables full screen view.
6. Select the Share screen button to share your desktop or a specific application with call participants.
7. Select the Participants button to:

a. See all participants in the meeting or call
b. Invite participants to a call in progress
c. Control video and audio feed for other participants

8. Select the Chat button to view the chat panel and contribute to the chat.
9. Select the Audio and video options button to transfer video or audio to other devices.
10. Select the Settings and info button to change audio or video settings.
11. Select the More options button to:

  • Change your screen layout
  • Use numeric keypad
  • View the participants in the call
  • View dial-in information for the space (video address, phone number, call id, web address)

12. Leave the space meeting by selecting the Leave button.

Changing your screen layout while in a meeting

You can change your screen layout to suit your personal preference or the situation.
If you want to save bandwidth, you can use the Audio only option. It disables video and is particularly useful in mobile situations.
1. Select the More options button and select the most suitable layout for your meeting


Sharing Your Screen in Chrome