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For Faculty and Staff hiring new employees at the College of Nursing:
These tickets should be submitted before the start date of the employee.

  1. Create a trouble ticket for hardware installation when it is decided to hire a new employee. Trouble ticket must include physical location in CON and a point of contact. Include any non-standard hardware/software if needed. (Standard hardware includes: Desktop computer and one 24 inch LCD monitor. Standard software includes: Microsoft Office Suite, Adobe Acrobat Professional and Box Sync.) (click here to download first trouble ticket template)
  2. Create a second trouble ticket for orientation and access setup when the following information is available: New hire's name, uNID, Title, Phone number, Physical location, Projected start date, Point of contact and list of S:\ drive folders needed. (click here to download second trouble ticket template)
  3. Email signed Network Agreement form to before or on the start date of the new employee. (click here to download Network Agreement form)
  4. Email signed Encryption Policy form to before or on the start date of the new employee. (click here to download Encryption Policy form)

If the New Hire's E-PAF has not finished going through by the start date some IT services may not be immediately available.