Setup Umail on Android

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Setting up Umail on your Android smartphone requires a few steps. Every Android phone is a little different. Some of the images on your phone may differ from these.

  1. Open your Android phone's built in Email app.
  2. Select Corporate Email or Exchange email.
  3. Enter your Umail email address and password then select "Manual Setup".
  4. You will need to make sure your Umail email, password, username (your and exchange server address ( are correctly added.
  5. Click Next
  6. Your phone will talk to the Umail server and bring your to security page.
  7. You will need to allow Umail to be able to access some of the security features on your phone.
  8. This is the page that will allow you to activate those security features.
  9. The account options page lets you choose how much email and calendar are synced to your phone
  10. You can name this anything you would like. Usually it will stay your email address.
  11. If you get a page like this, choose "Done with Accounts".
  12. It may take a minute or two for your email to begin syncing.
  13. After you see your email show up find your devices calendar app and you should see your Umail calendar events.
  14. If you open your phone contacts you will also see your Umail contacts.
  15. You should now be setup with Umail on your mobile Android device. If you get stuck feel free to call 801-587-6000 or speak with the CON IT team.