Sharing a Folder in Box

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This tutorial will show you how to share files and folders with other University of Utah Users. This tutorial assumes this is not your first time logging into Box. For help setting up your Box account proceed click here.

  1. To share will other U of U faculty, staff or students these users must have logged into U Box at least one time to activate his or her account. If you and your collaborators are unsure about this remind users to login here:
  2. Now onto sharing: Go to and Login.
  3. Before we review how to share a folder it will help to understand what the different folder types represent:
    1. Sharing1a.jpg This is a personal non-shared folder in your Box. (only you can see this folder)
    2. Sharing1b.jpg This is a shared folder in your Box. (designated users can see this folder and files)
    3. Sharing1c.jpgSharing1c2.jpg These two folders show the blue sync icon. This means these folders are synced to your desktop sync app.
  4. To share a folder with another U of U employee find the folder you wish to share:
  5. Open the folder by clicking on it. This will show the folder contents as shown in the example:
  6. Now look to the righthand side under the heading Collaborators. You will notice this folder shows no one invited. Click the “Invite People” button:
  7. An “Invite” window will appear that will allow you to input the users you wish to share with:
  8. Important note before proceeding: When sharing with other U of U employees one must make sure they share in the following method or your fellow U of U collaborators will not be able to access your files. Do not type the email address of other U of U users into the Invite field. You will only type the users name or Uid.
  9. Where it says “Invite:” Type the person’s name at the U of U that you wish to share with. If their name appears in the list below be sure it shows their following their name and select the correct user:
  10. Important Note: If the U of U user you are trying to share with doesn’t automatically appear in the list as you type his or her name this could mean they have never logged into U Box before. (See Step 1.)
  11. Now that you have selected the user you want to share with you can click the “Send” button or repeat setup 9 and add another user. When finished click “Send” to send the shared invitation to the user.
  12. You have now successfully shared a folder. The users you shared with will get an email and a notification at that a folder has been shared.
  13. For additional help with Box including more information on sharing and permissions please call 801-581-4000 Option 1 if you are a student. If you are a Health Science Employee/Faculty/Staff call 801-587-6000.