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University of Utah Skype for Business Web Meeting Instructions

This information and more for is available at the Microsoft Skype for Business page. USE THE MICROSOFT EDGE BROWSER TO VIEW THESE PAGES!!!!!

  1. Click the Skype for Business Meeting URL you were sent by email. (It is recommended to use Microsoft Edge or Firefox to launch Lync)


  2. If you already have Skype for Business installed on your PC, you should automatically connect to it when you click the link. You should see the meeting in your Skype for Business app. Click Use Skype for Business in the Join Meeting Audio window, then click OK. (If Skype for Business doesn't launch after clicking the link, go to step 7 to set up the web version of Skype for Business)


  3. If you connected without any error, you should see a screen like this:


  4. To check your audio and video, click on the gear in the Skype for Business app.


  5. In the Skype for Business options, click on Audio Device. You can test your speakers by clicking the green play button under the speakers section. You can test your microphone by talking into it and seeing the levels appear in the bar next to the microphone volume in the microphone section.


  6. In the Skype for Business options, click on Video Device. You can choose your camera in the drop down menu as well as checking your picture in the box below.


  7. If you do not have the Skype for Business app, when you click on the link, you will see this webpage.


  8. If this is your first time using the Skype for Business web app, a plugin will download and install. Please follow any on screen pops to download and allow the install.


  9. If you would like to adjust your audio and video settings your can do that by clicking the Gear Wheel at the top right corner of the window and selecting “options” (some newer models of Apple Mac books have a webcam compatibility issue. If you have a newer mac you will need a usb webcam )


  10. You should now be ready for your meeting.
  11. If you are having difficulty getting the URL to launch in your browser please follow these additional instructions:
    1. In some cases you may want to join a meeting with Lync Web App even if the desktop version of Lync is installed.
    2. In the meeting request email, right-click Join Lync Meeting and click Copy Hyperlink.
    3. Paste the meeting link into a browser address box, and add ?sl=1 at the end. Then press Enter. For example:
  12. Now you can resume from step 4 to enter the Lync meeting from the web